What to Consider When Selecting a Wedding Event Venue

A banquet hall or an open-air destination wedding, the venue matters for wedding event organisers. Based on the wedding budget and the couple’s aspirations, a suitable venue is to be found. It is necessary for a wedding event company to block the venue on time; so that it is available on the dates the marriage is to take place.

There are several factors to consider when selecting a wedding venue. Some of the key factors that cannot be overlooked by providers of wedding event management services are as follows:

Capacity of the space

You have 1000 guests but the banquet hall being considered can accommodate only 500 guests. A situation like this can lead to an overcrowded venue with uncomfortable guests who have no place to stand or sit. Again, if you book a huge open ground for fewer guests, you end up paying more for a space that you do not require.

Full-service venue or not

Some wedding venues such as a hotel’s banquet hall might come with comprehensive services including decorations, catering, audio-visual systems etc. that are required for the wedding event. Would you prefer the convenience of a full service venue or would you like more freedom to choose different service providers for a limited services venue?

For limited services venues, Sakura is a wedding event management company in Mumbai that helps clients with an excellent choice of weddings related services such as catering, entertainment, special effects and more.

Overnight accommodation

Many a times, wedding ceremonies take place during daytime and the reception is scheduled for the evening. The evening reception parties can go on for a long time. For family members and outstation guests who are in town for the wedding, it becomes convenient if an overnight accommodation option is available near the venue.

Initial deposit and cancellation costs

Depending on the venue, the booking deposit and cancellation costs will vary. There are times when the couple may find a better venue after paying deposit to block a venue as per their wedding date. But if they change the plan, cancellation costs will come up.

A wedding event company can be helpful to avoid booking the wrong venue. They offer a selection of venue options as per the couple’s needs. Also, providers of wedding event management services have tie-ups with event space owners so cancellation costs can be taken care of depending on the situation.

Duration of event

You may have noticed that during the wedding season, some popular venues get quickly booked. Sometimes, there can be 2-3 events in the same location on the same day. If you have a series of events lined up with the possibility of the event getting stretched due to ‘n’ number of reasons, then make sure you have booked the venue for enough time.

You don’t want to ask your guests to leave because you need to vacate the space for another event which was booked for a time slot following your event.

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