Tips for Planning a Successful Corporate Event

Planning a corporate party can be fun and exciting initially but when you actually get to down to organizing one, you’ll realize that corporate event management isn’t as simple as it seems. This is especially true for people who have only thrown a house party or organized a college party before. Here, discover suitable tips for planning a successful corporate event.

1. Fix a Budget: Even before you send out invites to your guests and start searching for a venue, it’s important that you fix a budget for organizing the event. Right from determining the costs for catering, venue, entertainment, decorations and guest speakers, you must take every single aspect into account before approaching reputed corporate event management companies in Mumbai. Don’t forget to include the costs of items such as banners and signage, promotional as well as marketing costs and on-site registration costs.

2. Schedule the date: Next, you must schedule a date for the proposed event. However, in order to decide the date, you must first check the calendar and also find out if there is another conference of corporate event scheduled to be organized on the same date. Also, check whether the date of your corporate event coincides with any religious holiday or any other prominent event or not.

3. Pick a Venue: After scheduling a date for the event, you must pick a venue that meets your requirements, allows you to deliver your message clearly and is ideal for your guests/audience. It’s important to schedule your event at a location that is convenient enough for your participants to reach. It’s also important that you negotiate the venue and choose a couple of dates for the event to check if the hotel/resort has opening around the same timeframe.

4. Sending Invitations: After you’ve prepared a guest list, you must also anticipate that around 30-40% of the guests may not turn up for the event. Hence, you must send the invitations at least 4 weeks ahead of the event. It’s important that you integrate all the information such as the guest list details, RSVP information and event check in details in advance. This will help you in preparing an accurate guest list and also prepare invitations accordingly.

5. Don’t forget to book Guest Speakers: Guest speakers often charge higher fee when your event date is closer. Thus, it is important that you book your guest speakers early to enjoy the best rates. Make sure you do enough research to find the ideal guest speaker for the event who also charges you a decent amount for addressing your guests/audience.

6. Look for Sponsors: Find a sponsor for your event. This would help you in offsetting the event costs. Companies that are related to your industry or area of operation may willingly accept the opportunity for promoting their brand name and gain the attention of your audience.

7. Follow-up: Last but not the least, if all goes well then make sure you follow up with your guests after the conclusion of the event. You must thank them ask them to share their feedbacks over mail or through surveys.

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