10 Things to Include on Every Event Manager’s List

Events are organised, sometimes to celebrate, and sometimes to reach a business or organisational goal. Corporate event management services are sought after by leading companies for event planning, execution and wrap up of their business events. So, what exactly do event managers needto make an event successful?

Let’s take a look at the 10 most important things that should be ideally on every event manager’s list of things to do for successfully conducting an event.

  1. Event Purpose

Why are you hosting the event? For gaining value from the event, the event manager should be aware of the purpose and goals of the event. Is it sale of products or brand awareness or creating a platform for networking?

  1. Target Audience

Who will participate in the event?There should be a clear answer to this question because the event assets, schedules, structure and event experience will be designed to cater to the likes of the target audience.

  1. Costing

Corporate event management companies in Mumbai such as Sakura discuss the event budget with clients to make sure that the events are organised within budget. For businesses, ROI is what matters at the end of the day and event managers need to factor in all the expected cost and unforeseen cost in their estimates.

  1. Event ‘To do’ List

The event should be planned in detail with a ‘To do’ list. The ‘To do’ list should clearly indicate the tasks, actions, objectives and deadlines. It would be a good idea to order tasks based on urgency.

  1. Resource Allocation

You need to build the core team with your available resources before you start searching for supporting vendors to take care of various areas such as catering, entertainment etc. as required.

  1. Venue

Event management in Mumbai usually rush towards venue blocking because there are several events conducted on a regular basis. This can be the case of other destinations too. So, finding the right venue and blocking it should be a priority task.

  1. Scheduling

The event schedule should be well-designed so that it is most convenient for the target audience to attend and participate in the event.

  1. Pre-planning Checklist

Create a comprehensive pre-planning checklist. Make sure all your event assets that need to be printed are ready before the event. All invites are out. All resources are in place and you are ready for the event.

  1. Main Event Strategy

Whether at the registration desk, on the event floor or backstage, every event team member should be ready to carry out the tasks assigned to them. Chart out the strategy to get their co-ordination in place.

  1. Post Event List

Event management services with good track record provide a complete event report to their client after the event with the objectives achieved.

As an event manager you basically need to be disciplined yet flexible at the same time. To run an event smoothly, you can also hire a professional corporate event management company such as Sakura. Call 02226200434 or email admin@sakura.co.in to connect with us.

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