Planning a corporate party can be fun and exciting initially but when you actually get to down to organizing one, you’ll realize that corporate event management isn’t as simple as it seems. This is especially true for people who have only thrown a house party or organized a college party before. Here, discover suitable tips […]

Arranging social and corporate events is not exactly a cakewalk. Nowadays, most people or entities hire professional event management agencies to ensure everything goes off smoothly in such events. For the event management service providers, it becomes imperative to plan for arranging various events for their clients. Not all clients have similar requirements and the […]

Event management is a big business these days and you can find lots of such companies offering event management services for diverse clientele in India. While millions of people rely on these service providers for arranging personal events like wedding, anniversary and professional events like seminars and business meetings, the agencies have to handle a […]

Corporate events are the programs that are designed in order to organise a gathering sponsored by a company or business house. This is primarily done to attract customers from various areas and create positive interest in the product or services that are being endorsed. This is mainly aimed to convert the people into potential customers […]

Cars are an integral part of the modern lifestyle and the automotive sector is the next big thing in the market. Businesses thrive to survive in the highly competitive market with their innovative technology and smart marketing strategies. There are various ways to impress the clients and raise awareness about the newly launched products or […]

An auto show/ motor show or car show, is automobile event or public exhibition of current automobile models, debuts, display, concept cars, or out-of-production classics. It is usually attended by automotive industry representatives, dealers, auto journalists and car enthusiasts. Most automobile events in India occur once or twice a year. These events are important to […]

It is a fact that in the last few years, the world of event management has changed as event management technologies are making their way to run the event efficiently, thereby gaining an edge over competitors. Nevertheless, this does not reduce the importance of the qualities that a good event manager must have. It is […]

Who doesn’t love to attend parties? But when it comes to organizing or planning one, then the question seems catchy. Party or any other event management services requires a lot of brain work. A number of things are to be kept in mind simultaneously, while planning an event. It is an art to plan more […]

Event management is usually the process of analyzing, planning, marketing, producing and evaluating an event. Managing an event also require certain core values to be deployed for the process in order to justify professional approach and to achieve effective and efficient results. Event management services are crucial for every corporate’s marketing and branding plans. So, […]

For any organization, corporate event management is one of the most effective ways to communicate. They are also important for strategic advertising. A corporate event generally happens for launching a new product, press conferences, seminars, raising funds for any aid or cause, for communicating with shareholders or customers, for outdoor events which requires the company […]

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